6 Jason Derulo Songs for Different Occasions

September 2, 2015
We’re fixing you a Jason Derulo playlist for each moment of your life

O-kay, usually only one thing comes to mind whenever you see Jason Derulo casually flashing his washboard abs – but this Miami born singer, songwriter and dancer (he’s adding being a judge into his resume too), is not just about singing silly songs about booties or how easily he can get you saying “YAS”.

Derulo has proven to be a brilliant songwriter and it’s apparent in his work that he’s fond of musical experimentation. While most of his tunes are generally about serving dance party bops, there are seriously relatable hidden gems behind his chart topping hits that are perfect for whatever situation you’re in.

Whether you’re crying about an ex-lover or just happy to be single, Jason Derulo’s got your back:

1. For that time when you really need a pick-me-up, listen to: “Undefeated”


This is for the days when you feel like nothing’s going right and you’re in need of some serious motivation. Well, Jason Derulo’s telling you that yesterday’s over and we should all be looking forward to tomorrow with a positive attitude. So keep your chin up, trooper!

2. For that time when you’d do anything for love, listen to: “Fallen”


“We could be like Jay and Beyonce. Bonnie and Clyde us like a movie, take that chance on love yeah”

Have you ever had that moment where you think you’ve finally found the Jay to your Bey? Well, we’ve all been there where we’ve gone falling so hard over somebody that we’re willing to give up everything for them.

3. For that time when you wish you could make things right again, listen to: “Broken Record”


Everyone’s had that moment in a relationship where they made a mistake which they wish they hadn’t done. The ‘Talk Dirty’ singer takes it down a notch in this number as he sings about a broken heart and past regrets.

4. For that time when you’re single and proud, listen to: “Ridin’ Solo”


Single? No problem. You’re not going to shed tears in the corner of your bedroom while adding #ForeverAlone tweets to your favourites. Instead, you’re gonna take Derulo’s advice, “put on my shades to cover up my eyes, I’m jumping in my ride, I’m heading out tonight”. This is an anthem for all our single ladies and gents out there who are satisfied with their relationship-free status.

5. For that time when you’ve finally found the one: “Marry Me”


Call us cliché, but trust us – if it isn’t wedding bells that you’re hearing when you think you’ve found your soul mate, then it’s most likely this song. We’re still kinda sad about what happened between Deluro and his former beau Jordin Sparks (the American idol winner was engaged to him until last year) but that doesn’t mean true love is dead. Because really, no one can stop your heart from saying, “I do”.

6. For that time when you need to give someone a dismissive farewell, listen to: “Broke” featuring Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban


Stevie Wonder??! Keith Urban!?! And Jason Derulo?!?!?? That’s our reaction when news broke about this trio collaborating and they couldn’t be more mismatched than it already is. Strangely enough, they made it work – banjos and all. It’s different from Derulo’s usual blend of pop and R&B and on top of that, the beat’s got us addicted. It’s literally the best way to tell someone you’re done dealing with their sh*t. In the words of Craig Jones: Bye Felicia.

[Credit: Jason Derulo @ YouTube]

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