5 Reasons Why Apink Are The Queens of Charm

Apink - Group-800
August 26, 2015
And the reason you will fall deeply in L.O.V.E with these six angelic girls

Best known for their bubble gum Korean pop music and innocent fairy-like appearance, the ladies of Apink are the definition of charm with their melodious voices and dorky but sweet personalities. So, if you haven’t fallen head over heels for these ladies already then we’re convinced you will be after this post!

1. They’re always thankful to their fans

From sharing selfies to preparing sweet gifts (like ice-cream!), Apink proves that regardless of the fame and popularity they’ve been receiving as a top girl group, they will always be loyal to their army of fans (a.k.a Pink Pandas, the official name of their fan club) and making sure that they give back to those who have been supporting them since their debut.

[Credit: 1theK (원더케이) @ YouTube]

2. They’re not just about ribbons and frills

Don’t be surprised! The members of Apink may be busting out cute dance moves on stage to the beats of ‘Mr. Chu’ and ‘MY MY’, but these girls are feistier than you may think. For example, Bomi and Chorong are both skilled in martial arts, each having a third degree in taekwondo and hapkido, respectively. Even their vocalist, Eun-ji, once learned taekwondo for two months during her summer vacation. These ladies show that you can don pretty flower crowns in dainty white dresses and still pack a punch!

martial arts

[Credit: Md. Azfar @ YouTube]

Apink is clearly not a girl group you’d want to mess with!

3. They take amazing #selfies

Seriously, Apink’s selfie or selca game are so on point. There’s never been a bad selfie ever. Even their horribly “bad” #wefies end up being hilariously adorable.

[Credit: MBCentertainment @ YouTube]

Do you see what we mean? We dare you to challenge us against this statement.

4. They’re known for their status as ‘mukbang’ idols

As the saying goes, nothing can get in between a girl and her love for pizza. Or something like that right?

[Credit: 1theK (원더케이) @ YouTube]

Well in this case, it’s true for Apink and we love that these girls don’t even try to hide their undying love for food and their appetite to eat everything.

[Credit: TV-People @ YouTube]

Mukbang status: sealed and confirmed.

5. They’re adorable without even trying

I mean, do we really need to explain this with words? Let’s just have the gifs do all the talking.

[Credit: flamedevilpj @ YouTube]

[Credit: Su B @ YouTube]

[Credit: Apink (에이핑크) @ YouTube]

So has Apink finally gotten chu~ under their spell yet? Well, we certainly hope so!

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