25 Things To Know About SEKAI NO OWARI

September 4, 2015
Get to know the J-Rock super band that’d be performing at this year’s MTV World Stage Malaysia

Before we all head on to rock out at the biggest party of our lives, let’s take a moment to get ourselves up to speed with one of Japan’s most popular bands, SEKAI NO OWARI.

Here are 25 things to you NEED to know about the creative quartet before the big show:


1. If you haven’t already known, SEKAI NO OWARI basically means ‘the end of the world’ in Japanese.


2. The band was formed in 2007, with four members: Shininchi Nakajima, Satoshi Fukase, Saori Fujisaki and DJ LOVE.

3. Shininchi Nakajima, otherwise known as ‘Nakajin’, is the leader of SEKAI NO OWARI. He plays the guitar and is in charge of song arrangements.

4. Fukase is the group’s lead vocalist and the person who came up with the group’s name.

5. He named the band ‘the end of the world’ due to his experience of hitting rock bottom. Music was his sole motivation and it helped him claw his way up to the top. In a rather macabre way, the term, ‘the end of world’ helped to create strength.


6. Fukase is also in charge of SEKAI NO OWARI’s artistic concepts, from costumes to stage sets during their performances. He also helps in writing the songs they play.

7. Saori, the only female member in the band, is the pianist and stage producer. As the stage producer, Saori works very closely with Fukase to brainstorm ideas and decide on their stage setups together.

8. DJ LOVE is the member in charge of the comedic talk in the band. He is also constantly seen wearing a clown mask, which originally belonged to Fukase.

9. Fukase had initially planned to wear the mask himself, however the other band members thought it would be hard for him to have a mask on while singing.

10. Wearing the clown mask was also Fukase’s idea as he explained that he liked the story of clowns dedicating their lives to entertaining others even though deep inside they’re trying to hide their desolation.

[Credit: ラビmusic @ YouTube]

11. Fukase and Saori have been friends since they were in kindergarten. Aww!

12. On the other hand, Fukase and Nakajin became friends in primary school and Fukase later met DJ LOVE in high school.

[Credit: OwlCityVEVO @ YouTube]

13. Last year, the band was featured in Owl City’s new song ‘Tokyo’ (who is also well known for his collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen!). Owl City also agreed to help produce and feature in SEKAI NO OWARI’s song ‘Mr. Heartache’.

14. To thank Owl City, the band gifted him with a taishogoto, a musical string instrument from Japan.


15. That wasn’t the only time the Japanese band had worked together with international musicians. Dutch DJ, Nicky Romero participated in producing SEKAI NO OWARI’s song ‘Dragon Night’, which appeared in the band’s second studio album Tree. Romero had previously worked with other famous acts such as Avicii and David Guetta.

16. With ‘Dragon Night’, the band tried experimenting with EDM, a sound different from what they are normally used to. The band describes the song as something outgoing and taking a more ‘party animal’ like approach to their music.

17. Despite the upbeat nature of some of their music, SEKAI NO OWARI claims that they are not ‘party-lovers’ and instead prefer ‘homey parties’.


18. The J-Rock band recently sang and wrote two of the theme songs for the live-action film version of popular manga, ‘Attack on Titan’, called ‘ANTI-HERO’ and ‘SOS’.

19. On the songs produced for ‘Attack on Titan’: the band worked together with big names such as Dan the Automator and Ken Thomas, who helped to produce for the likes of Gorillaz and Sigur Ros. They each participated in ‘ANTI-HERO’ and ‘SOS’, respectively.

[Credit: sbspopasia @ YouTube]

20. The band (apart from Saori) met Hollywood film director Tim Burton in person! Saori was unfortunately unable to join her members during the occasion as she wasn’t feeling well on that day. The band recalled the famous director as a playful but busy man.

[Credit: ustar @ TokyoHive]

21. The band was transformed into manga characters, in ‘SEKAI NO OWARI Monogatari’ (SEKAI NO OWARI Story), illustrated by Atsunori Horiuchi. It was published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine

22. Most of the songs written by Saori are inspired and influenced by nature. As she was brought up in the city, she had always longed for the deep blue ocean and lush forests.

23. The band has been living with each other for a long time but only started moving into a proper house together in 2011. Previously, they were all living on the premises of their live music venue, clubEARTH.

24. Band member Fukase said that he’d like to collaborate with Justin Bieber some time.

[Credit: Sony Music (Japan) @ YouTube]

25. DJ LOVE was featured in the Japanese music video of Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’.

Now that we’re done prepping you, we hope that your night at the 2015 World Stage Malaysia will be magical thanks to SEKAI NO OWARI.

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