Malaysia’s very own Mizz Nina has taken on myriad personas in the span of her career. Her groove-hungry soul and love for infectious beats led her to form First Born Troopz in 1997. But It was during her stint with the seminal Malaysian hip hop group, Teh Tarik Crew (TTC), that her musical career took off with two AIM nominations in 2002 for the group’s full-length album How’s The Level? By 2004, Mizz Nina had under her belt a modeling career, radio shows (Red FM and Fly FM) and two more AIM nominations for Teh Tarik Crew’s sophomore album What’s Next? Mizz Nina released her debut solo album, What You Waiting For, in July 2010 that features local and international collaborations from the likes of Colby O’Donis, Uno and AJ of Pop Shuvit, Noh from Hujan and more. In October 2012, Mizz Nina was presented the Flava Award (Hip hop/R&B) at the Shout! Awards. After her win, she opened for Usher, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber in Kuala Lumpur and went on to represent Malaysia at the New Skool Rules hip hop convention in Rotterdam in April 2011. In May 2011, Mizz Nina released her coveted collaboration with American rapper Flo Rida on the single, “Takeover.” Currently, Mizz Nina is preparing for the release of her new album, Takeover, due 26 May.