Currently an Arts and Communications student at Monash University Malaysia in Bandar Sunway, Aric Ting is also an active social media junkie, who not only runs his own radio show on campus, YouTube 100 Malaysia, but has interned with Groupon Malaysia as its social media representative early this year. In being picked for the US$10,000 gig, Ting beat a talented pool of entries from across Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore and emerged the top candidate after a Google Hangout interview process with shortlisted potentials last week. Ting impressed MTV Asia with his creative and wacky social media resume. His role commencement is on 7 August till 16 August.
'John Doe' by B.o.B.! Too much talent in this man! #worldstagemy
What an epic Saturday! We celebrate our withdrawal symptoms by dishing out our Top 10 Moments of #worldstagemy at! Don’t forget to catch the PREMIERE of MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 tonight at 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG), 8.30pm (MAL)! Replays at the following dates and times: Wed, 20 Aug 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG), 12am (MAL) Fri, 22 Aug 9pm (WIB), 10pm (SG), 11pm (MAL) Sat, 23 Aug 11am (WIB), 12pm (SG), 1pm (MAL) Wed, 27 Aug 2pm (WIB), 3pm (SG), 4pm (MAL) Sat, 30 Aug 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG), 12am (MAL) Sun, 31 Aug 2pm (WIB), 3pm (SG), 4pm (MAL)
Congratulations to @hansontan who is one of the winners who won a trip to Glasgow to catch the 2014 @mtvema on the 9th of November!! Super excited for you Hanson, enjoy your trip! #worldstagemy - Aric the Insider (@aricme)
This is madness! B.o.B. surfing the crowds at #worldstagemy
What a funky groove! It's B.o.B with 'Bet I' #worldstagemy
'I'll Be In the Sky' by B.o.B. we are definitely on cloud 9 with this song! Rocking it at #worldstagemy !
B.o.B's got the crowd singing along to radio hits Nothin' On You and Headband! It's hit after hit! #worldstagemy
We just wanna make the world dance, forget about the PRICETAG! That's right! B.o.B. rocking the stage of #worldstagemy
B.o.B. just casually greeting his fans! Such a chill dude! #worldstagemy
Aaaaaand it's a wrap guys, I really can't believe that it's over! It's been one of THE BEST life experiences I've had! And that's really saying something. I swear I will not get over this for months to come! All of the people I've met, the awesome fans I've come across and most importantly, the amazing, amazing people who made #worldstagemy happen and who have made my 10 days as the Insider, the most incredible experience ever. There are no words to describe it. I just can't believe the reality that is almost like a fantasy! Here's to the continuous success of MTV World Stage!!! This is Aric your 2014 MTV World Stage Insider (@aricme) signing off for the last time. :)
Can we pretend that AIRPLANES in the night sky are shooting stars! Another classic hit single by B.o.B.! Can't stop singing along! #worldstagemy
Best Mode by B.o.B.! #worldstagemy
Epic! We celebrate our withdrawal symptoms by dishing out our Top 10 Moments of #worldstagemy!
Everyone has their phones up for 'Both Of Us'! B.o.B sure can charm a crowd! #worldstagemy
August 19, 2014
MTV World Stage Insider: The Experience of a Lifetime
Tears were shed writing this blog post. I really cannot- at this point- believe that my 10 days as the MTV World Stage 2014 Insider is over. When they say…
August 16, 2014
INSIDER BLOG: Going Behind-The-Scenes With The Stars
The countdown stood at 2 days till MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 and the heat was on. The stage was almost done, the schedule set and everyone behind MTV World Stage Malaysia…
August 13, 2014
INSIDER BLOG: #worldstagemy Epic Roadshow!
When I thought my first day was a whirlwind, I was definitely not ready for the Type 5 hurricane that came the next day. “Good morning Mr. Aric, this is…
August 12, 2014
“How’s it going man?” were the words Alan first said when I turned my head towards him while sitting on one of the picnic tables along Monash’s crowded cafeteria but…
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